Wedding Packages™

Congratulations on your big decision!

Getting married is truly one of the biggest decisions you ever make in your life. And often, the wedding ceremony is also one of the most important ceremonies in life! Since no wedding couple is the same, neither is there just one way to celebrate your wedding. Nor is there the "right way".

PFD has prepared three wedding packages of different content for You. Each package consists of two meetings, designs for floral decorations and varying floral components and services. It is possible to customize packages by adding the components needed to make it meet Your needs and wishes. Together we can find just the perfect solution for You!

Have a look at the blog to see some of the weddings I've had the pleasure of being part of!

Elegance 350 €

Nice basic package

  • floral products (a wedding bouquet max. 100 Euros, two boutonniers and a bridesmaids floral decoration)
  • two meetings 
  • delivery and placing of the floral products (max. 50 km from Espoo

Exclusive from 800 €

Venue decorations and wedding flowers in a simple package

  • floral products (a wedding bouquet max. 150 Euros, two bouttonniers, a bridesmaids bouquet (alternatively a wrist corsage or a floral head decoration), a toss bouquet (max. 30 Euros),  six floral table decorations (size M) and a big, lush arrangement for example for the buffet)
  • two meetings with the florist
  • delivery and placing of floral decorations (max. 80 km from Espoo) 

Extravaganza from 1500 €

The complete wedding package!

  • floral products (a wedding bouquet (max. 250 Euros), three bouttonniers, three bridesmaids bouquets (alternatively wrist corsages or floral head decorations), a toss bouquet, ten floral table decorations (size M),  two big, lush arrangement suitable for use in church and a lavish table decoration for Head Table)
  • two meetings with the florist
  • loan of all the vases, pedestals and other equipment needed
  • delivery and placing of floral decorations (max. 80 km from Espoo) 

During our first meeting together, we discuss and discover the colours, materials and forms to reflect you and your taste as a couple. We will tailor all the floral decorations and other products according to your wishes and needs. If we don´t reach an agreement, there will be no charge for the meeting.

In our next meeting we will make sure that all the materials, colors and designs are according to your wishes. We make the necessary changes together. A signed agreement is always made after ordering.

PFD will take care of the rest and You can concentrate on other things!