The Florist

I am Minna Penttala, a florist from Espoo, Finland, with a passion for all things beautiful. I was born in a small coastal town called Rauma in Western Finland and somehow I still regard it as my home town. My childhood and youth in the countryside left me with a deep love and respect for nature and plants, although I believe I then took them for granted.

Now, living in a block of flats in a big city, I appreciate green environment and the beauty of nature in a different way. Greenery does not come for granted. I´ve also learned to find beauty in sometimes surprising forms.

The material is strong and delicate at the same time, gentle and powerful. Working with living material requires respect for it and the willingness to listen to it, to learn from it. An open mind.

Nature has the power of providing aesthetic experiences that can´t be found anywhere else. It is these experiences I would like to translate to You in my own way.

The best experiences are made together. That is why I am a member in Espoo Women Entrepreneurs and in Finnish Florists' Association. 

Espoo Women Entreprenenurs have chosen me to be Espoo Woman Entrepreneur 2018, for which I m truly grateful!